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Sentence Builder Resource eBook

Many children and other people who are learning English as an additional language have difficulties with correct word order in sentences. 

There are lots of sentence scaffolds out there. But few follow a typical developmental sequence designed to help struggling learners with the basics, step-by-step.

This eBook includes eight of our most popular Sentence Builders, starting with simple Subject-Verb constructions (e.g. "The boy is jumping.") through to Subject-Verb-Object-Adverbial Phrase level (e.g. "The boy is jumping on the trampoline at the park."). The full sequence includes:

  • Subject-Verb sentences;
  • Subject-Verb-Object sentences;
  • Subject-Verb-Complement sentences;
  • Subject-Negative ('Not')-Verb sentences;
  • Subject-Negative ('Can't')-Verb sentences;
  • Subject-Negative ('Don't')-Verb sentences;
  • Subject-Verb-Object-Adverbial Phrase sentences; and
  • Subject-Verb-Negative ('No')-Object sentences.

8 no-preparation, ready to use resources, all tried and tested in our clinic. All in all, over 171 scaffolded sentences with both picture and orthographic cues. 

  • This eBook includes 8 of our most popular Sentence Builder resources.
  • Pages102
  • Sentences171
  • PDFs8


Sentence Builder Resource eBook

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